The Biosurya family has been growing and the internal structure has been adapted, giving way to large departments with clear functions. Here are the members who lead these teams:

Manager equipo

Fernando Caballero Oriol

Site Manager

Ensuring the efficiency of the Supply Chain, from the acquisition of raw materials to the sale and distribution of the finished product, is the main challenge of the operations department, which is responsible for the planning of the supply, the optimization in its manufacture and the logistics for its distribution and adjustment of the inventories that guarantee the availability of the products, the highest quality of these and adjusted costs that allow products to be offered to consumers in optimal conditions. The work methodology used, called Lean manufacturing, facilitates sustainability, minimizes waste and reduces manufacturing times, allowing the optimization of resources and the improvement

Alain Fernández Roig

Sales and Operational Marketing Direction

Our marketing department plays a key role in the promotion and marketing of our products. Experts in identifying specific market needs, developing strategies for our brands and designing advertising campaigns that establish strong relationships with customers. Trust, in the relationships established throughout our history, is the hallmark of Biosurya, for the good fulfillment of its responsibilities to its suppliers and to its customers, many of them are the main actors of the large national and international distribution.


Marketing equipo
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